What Do I Need to Work from Home?

What do you need to work from home? You may think all you need is a laptop but there is more to it than that. Most of your work will be done on a laptop but there are many things you can’t live without.

Equipment You Need to Work From Home

Let’s get right into this and list what equipment you need.

  • Laptop or Desktop – You should lean toward a laptop as they are extremely flexible and are gaining greater speed and power every year.
  • Software – Dependent on your line of work.Printer and copier
  • Work Station – I’m listing this right near the top because you don’t want to be sitting working on a laptop all the time. A work station will provide you with a more comfortable keyboard and larger and multiple monitors.
  • Docking Station – This is part of your Work Station.
  • Monitors – I would recommend Duel 24″ monitors or one larger monitor than a 24″.
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Brief Case or Backpack – For the days you want to be portable and work remotely, maybe the park on a nice day.
  • Sit to Stand Desk – This is a must these days to stay healthy and reduce health problems.
  • Mat to Stand On
  • Comfortable Office Chair
  • All In One Printer, Copier & Scanner
  • Surge Protector with Additional Outlets
  • Seperate Office Space – This may even be your vehicle.
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Soft Lighting – This is important for long hours when your eyes start getting tired, as are the lager monitors.
  • High Speed Cat 6 Internet Cables
  • Satellite Internet – Do you need internet connection when out in the mountains or away from Wifi?
  • Satellite Phone – You may want one of these for emergencies or if you want to stay remote and still surf the web.
  • VPN Router & Service.
  • Here are Some Additional Office Accessories You Will Find Beneficial to Your Business.

Home work station

This About Covers the Equipment You Need

I am going to keep this article pretty short as I will cover each one of the items above in a separate article.

I know you’re yelling……”NO, PLEASE KEEP ON WRITING!”

Sorry to disappoint you but not today. I just wanted to introduce the subject and follow up in more detail soon.

Take some time and enjoy your family and friends with this free time.

Please leave a Comments Below or Email me if you would like me to add something else to this list.

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I have written another article about “What do You Need for a Home Office – Planning a Home Office” which has some additional things to think about for setting up your home office.

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10 thoughts on “What Do I Need to Work from Home?”

    • Thank you for the comment and I will be adding information, reviews, and opinions soon, like this week. I had to start somewhere so this article was my introduction. Please check back often and offer comments and advice as I will be adding a lot of office equipment articles.

  1. Great article Rick.
    I think most people have at one point tried to make a success in working from home but we are bombarded with information when searching for opportunities. This website has proved very useful and I’m sure you have put in hours of research.
    Thanks for the information available.

    • Hi Een. Thanks for stopping by and sharing these thoughts. I was amazed at how much I ended up needing when I set up my office for the first time. There are ways to save money but then you also find out that some of the “must have” software is a little expensive. I hope to show people what works and what some great options are as they go about setting up their home office, or better yet, a remote office that you can use anywhere in the world.

    • Fortunately I had to think about it pretty hard when I first started working at home as I was actually starting an engineering company. I needed some expensive software, a heavy duty printer and a large scale printer. It was way more than a laptop. If only the laptop was my only expense.

      My current at-home business really on requires the laptop and a smart phone, however, all of the other things are important, in my opinion, if you want to work more comfortably.

  2. Hey Rick!

    That’s a great overview of equipment! I didn’t even think of some of those things before reading this. I should keep this in mind to check out your more in-depth articles coming soon. Out of curiousity, will you be sharing what you personally use as well?

    Thank you for your info!

    • I will be writing more extensively and yes, I will list talk about what I am using. I know there are a lot of great laptops on the market so I won’t be trying to convince anyone to buy a certain one. I will just be list the pros and cons of each and then talking about what I like about mine and what would be more important when I buy my next one.

      That laptop article is one that I am getting ready to start, maybe even this evening. 

    • Thanks. The following articles will go into datail on each of the listed items and those articles will be longer. I had to start off this subject someplace and that was the best way I could think about doing it.


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