Top 10 Computer Monitors

Why do I need dual monitors, and what are the top 10 best monitors on the market today?

Why Do I Need a Large Monitor?Small Laptop

  • A large monitor helps reduce my strain. At the end of a long day or if I’m really tired, eye stain, squinting, or whatever you want to call it becomes a problem and it won’t get any better when you’ve been doing this year after year.
  • My productivity increases when I have a larger area to work with. I don’t have to open and close tabs, rather I can resize the windows so they are all open on one large monitor or on multiple monitors.
  • Another advantage is you can view a full page of a document rather than scrolling down to see the rest of it.
  • Oh, and the most important aspect of a large monitor is you feel like you’re almost in the game when the monitor takes up most of the viewing space in front of you. I know…..that’s important, right?

Why Do I Need Dual Monitors?

Dual monitors are more important for those of us who work on multiple software programs at the same time. You may be viewing one document, typing on another, and creating images or a video on another screen. I know personally as an engineer that I will have at least four software programs open at one time and one large screen is not as big as three large screens side by side.Dual monitors

Here are some additional reason to have dual monitors:

  • Cutting & pasting more easily
  • Video editing
  • Comparing products
  • Using more than one software at a time

Here’s an example for you. I will have my graphics and design software open on my left screen. I will have excel open on my middle screen where I am crunching some numbers or entering data. My right screen is normally reserved for viewing a PDF of older plans or as-built plans. I will then have my email open as I am constantly receiving emails. I also need my explorer window(s) open plus I need access to the internet as many of my clients and design standards are now on the internet.

It actually sounds like I need five or six screens. It really gets irritating when I am trying to work fast but I have to slow down and minimize a tab or expand a tab because I don’t have enough viewing area on my three monitors. See my home and corporate workstations below.

Home Workstation

Home Workstation

Corporate Workstation

Corporate Workstation

Now that I have shown you how important large and multiple monitors can be, it’s time to list them for you.

What are the Top 10 Best Monitors for 2018?

Let’s get real for a few minutes here.

I checked the reviews of 8 respected online companies for their top monitor choices and they were all over the board. Evidently, they all have things that are of different importance to them and their testing procedures are weighted differently because there were no clear leaders, or there are so many models they are testing, that a specific monitor hardly showed up on all eight of these reviews.

So, I am going to list the manufacturers that showed up the most and then list the monitor model numbers below them. We all have specific needs, so I am going to point you in the right direction, however, it will be your responsibility to find the best fit for you.

These monitors are in no particular order other than the ones that showed up in the reviews the most are listed higher in the list.



















This is a challenging topic to cover since the same monitor will have different model numbers. For example, Best Buy will have a monitor that is identical to one at Walmart but they will have slightly different model numbers, plus many times you will be comparing a new model to last years model.

On top of that confusion, everyone seems to have different monitors in their top recommendations. I wish I could tell you which monitors were the definite top 10 but I cannot honestly do that. I can tell you that I use the Dell UltraSharp U2414H monitors in three separate locations. That’s a total of six monitors. I have two at my corporate office, two at my home office, and two at a colleague’s office. I am a big fan of Dell but others would sharply disagree with me.

The bottom line is there are many great options on the market today and some of them I’m wishing I had right now. I’m particularly eyeing the 34-Inch curved monitors. This may be the latest fad that you need to sit out on or wait to make sure there is a valid reason to switch over to them.

I hope I have helped you to see all the options out there today. Now you have a little more knowledge to begin your search. Enjoy shopping.

Dual Monitors


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18 thoughts on “Top 10 Computer Monitors”

  1. Wow, just…wow, I loved it. Thank you for kind of the inspiration. This gives me a TON of new ideas for my blog. This is a beautiful post. Plenty of information was given to the reader to really choose which monitor would be the best choice based on the top 8 ones that were mentioned. I feel like you made good use of your images, but you also gave your reader a map to see which monitor would be good to the reader based on the reader’s current needs.

    I really have nothing negative to say at all. You made this article interesting and I’m kind of glad I stumbled upon this website. This gives me some ideas on how to structure some of my own articles. Thank you again!


    • I really glad you liked it Jake. I have used large dual monitors for over 10 years now but I was amazed at how much time it took to review so many great monitors out there that anyone would love to have. There are some monitors that are meant for big time gamers but all of the monitors on that list would work perfectly for someone in an online business or any corporate business.

      Thank you again for the compliment and let me know if there are any other brands or models that you think should make the list.

  2. Hi, I do love a big monitor and out of all brand I rather the Samsung monitor. Yes, I do agree with you a big monitor can give full page view and prevent your eyes from strain, also an awesome way to watch movies and feel like your actually there. Someday I hope to own huge dual monitor so I can multitask effectively, Thanks very much for this exciting info.

    • You’re welcome. I used to think that large dual monitors were out of reach for me until I discovered there were some great options for under $200.

      I remember about 10 years ago everyone in the engineering firm that I worked at were using dual 19″ monitors and some were still using 17″ monitors. One Christmas we were given some really nice bonuses so I went out and bought my own dual 24″ monitors and everyone came in my office asking how I got those. It didn’t take long before everyone in the company had dual 24″ monitors. Maybe I’m a trailblazer but it was obvious that those of us in the engineering profession would benefit immensely from a larger workspace.

      Someday when you make the jump to dual monitors you will never go back to a single monitor or settle for just working on your laptop. I have a laptop and I use it by itself sometime but I also have a docking station with my dual monitors and ergonomic keyboard to make my workspace look and feel like a desktop.

  3. Hey Rick, I rock triple monitors at work and at home. I find them so useful for my engineering work and research based work.

    Some things that I had to consider is video resolution and connectivity options from my laptop. Users should try a display doc like the Dell 3100 or similar when connecting a laptop to multiple screens.

    • You are absolutely right. Finding the right monitors and the correct docking station or dock is important and sometimes this requires us to get on the phone with customer service or tech support.

      I had been working with dual monitors for about 8 years before I found out I could open my laptop screen when it was docked to provide the third screen. I’m really interested in two 34″ inch screens or even curved screens now. The only problem is I have to really increase my mouse sensitivity or it takes forever to go from one side of the working are to the other.

      Thank you for the great advice.

  4. I think dual monitors make life a lot easier, especially when running an online business!

    it helps to have that added vision, so you can multi task and complete some tasks quicker. I think I may get another monitor to streamline that process.

    Thanks for the in-depth review:) i’ll check some of these out.

    • Hey Jeremy. You can get some great quality monitors for under $200 and they are well worth the price and easy to set up. You just need to make sure you the ability to handle dual monitors on your laptop or through your docking station. The other thing to remember is if you’re running high end graphics software or gaming then you may need monitors that will cost more than $200.

      Let me know what monitor you end up buying when you get one, or two.

  5. I use two monitors to do work and I agree with you that it is better. You get more work done this way because you do not have to switch between screens. I am think of getting another monitor soon and your article helps me a lot in choosing the right one. Great job.

  6. Very informative. I have to agree with you – I’ve been using Dell monitors for years. They seem to have thought of everything all the other manufacturers have omitted – mine have USB ports on the monitor itself so I don’t need to buy a hub, I can add the sound bar so I don’t need speakers on my desk, and what’s more it’s possible to pick them up very cheaply on the likes of eBay or private businesses selling off-lease office equipment. The stand is a particular favourite feature of mine – up, down or even rotated 90 degrees!

    • I agree. I have been using Dell monitors for 8 or 10 years now and love them. I’m not against to buying other brands but these have been solid performers for me.

      What size monitors do you use now and are you thinking about increasing the monitor size in the future?

  7. OMG! I need that set up. I have an area in my Living Room that I have designated as my work station and I am using my laptop and my iPad at the same time to do what you are doing in a lot less comfortable fashion. I have detached retinas and to have a large screen would be wonderful. This was a great article. I was wondering if you were going to tell us which set up you had and which set up you would LIKE TO HAVE. I am curious as to what it would be if you could buy what you wanted without restrictions. Loved it. Keep up the good work.

    • What would I have without restrictions?

      I would buy a new Dell Precision laptop as mine is reaching the end of it’s life. I like the Precision because it is a better computer that can handle a heavier workload and still keeps cool, plus I love the Dell support.

      I would probably buy the Dell 24 Gaming Monitor S2417DG as I would like slightly larger monitors and I do enjoy a great game at times. I probably wouldn’t consider the larger monitors than the 27″ models because I have to make my mouse so sensitive already to not be moving my whole arm across the desk to get from one side of the screen to another. I like my mouse sensitivity but other people freak out when they try to move around the screen on my computer.

      I would leave everything else pretty much the same other than adding a beautiful log cabin in the mountains overlooking a valley with a crackling fire burning in the fireplace.

      Oh, and I would add a better surround sound system, but who wants that when you’re in the mountains and can hear the sounds of nature?

      What would you have in your perfect setup?

  8. These are images of really top quality monitors, it is good to have monitors like what you are reviewing because I love quality. Something that can get the job done and stand the test of time. There are so many on the market but with the review that you have written, it will make searching that much easier.

    • Thank you Norman. I wanted to dig deeper and make my recommendations to what I believe the top monitors for 2018 are but I honestly felt I shouldn’t because everyone has different needs and companies they like so I felt it was better to list all of these and like you said, you can refine your search from a better starting point.

      Let me know what monitor(s) you go with when you do end up buying one.

  9. Due to extra work I need to do for my employer – I need to spend another 5 hours per week on the computers (added to the current 40!!!) Every evening I feel my eyes strained to the extent that a headache would be coming on, these suggestions are awesome but can you tell me which ones are the best value for money in terms of price? As I have a limited budget…


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