Find a Job Working From Home

I have been looking for ways to work from home or even remotely for a long time. When I say remotely, I would love to be able to take off to the mountains for a month, go where ever I want, but have the internet connection and computers to conduct my work in the most beautiful places in the world.

Laptop looking out at the beach

Find a Job Working from Home

It is getting easier every year to find moderate paying jobs which you can do from the comfort of your own home and I’m sorry if this disappoints you but this is not the “job” I am referring to when I say “I want a job I can do from my home.Working on a laptop

I am talking about a more grand idea. I am talking about building something you love but being able to do it at any time and from any place in the world. I am talking about freedom.

This isn’t the kind of freedom you may think about in the country you live in. This is an idea without borders, without ethnic conditions or religious ideologies.

I want you to think bigger and think farther out than having that moderate income job that you could have today, working out of your home.

Let’s dream a little.

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Where is Your Ideal Place to Work?

  • Home?Wealthy Affiliate Working from Home
  • Corporate Office?
  • Hawaii?
  • Italy?
  • Australia?
  • New Zealand?
  • China?
  • The Grand Canyon?
  • The Great Barrier Reef?
  • The Alps?

Out of all of these and the many more you are thinking of right now; where do you want to work some day?

A Moderate Paying Job is Not Enough

It is a great thing for many people to be able to work at home but sometimes you’re trading your corporate office Unhappy womanheadache for a completely different type of headache working from home; and a moderate paying job will still keep you tied down to one area.

Here’s the downside. Working at home can become a nightmare for some people and they find out later that it was a huge mistake.

This is why I want you to think bigger.

Can you “start” to build a business that allows you to work any place in the world at any time?

Can you “build” something that you have a passion for and are not in chains to the clock on the wall and the boss breathing down your neck?

Can you think of something greater than a moderate job that will keep you bound in one location for the rest of your life?

Think FreedomYoung man on his tablet

Let your imagination run wild for a few minutes……

How can you achieve these dreams?

How can you be free to work virtually anywhere in the world and not be stuck behind some desk in one particular city?

Build Your Dream

I’m talking about building a website where you can create to your hearts content. Your own place where you can promote anything you love and have a passion for.

I have a passion.

My passion is to take trips to the mountains, go day hiking, backpacking, river rafting and find beautiful, peaceful views to just stop and enjoy. I want to watch the sunrise over the morning mountains as the deer feed in the meadow. I want to get on an airplane and fly to a beautiful beach and listen to the waves crash onto the shore.

How will I do that?

laptop and a drink
By creating a website or multiple websites where I can build whatever I can dream of.

Creating this dream will not take just a few days. It will take weeks, and months and years, but it will be worth it. I have found I can choose anything I can think of and find ways to promote it, write about it and sell it, if I chose to.

This is something that you will own, and is something that can’t be taken away from you. This is something that, over time, you will build a residual income that doesn’t take hard work every day to keep going. It will start to function efficiently with only a moderate amount of work from you and will be something you can do from any place in the world.

Technology has advanced so far that you can get access to the internet from nearly any location in the world.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a long trip to a quiet and peaceful beach, but instead of worrying about running back home to get your work done, because you have bills pilling up that need to be paid; you can pull out your laptop and sit in that comfortable chair overlooking the beach and take care of your business?

Drink on the beach
This is possible, and people all around the world are creating this very lifestyle I have described to you here.

So, do you still want that moderate paying job, working from your house, or do you want to dream bigger?

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6 thoughts on “Find a Job Working From Home”

    • Absolutely! The best thing to do is to start working towards your dream and then get advice and training on how to do it. I believe you would be amazed at how many ways there are to find financial freedom with what you love.

      I know a few people, including myself, who have started a website in an area they are passionate about and found that there is a way to make money. Others have found that they can spend time creating a website that will not make any significant money, so they create a 2nd or 3rd site that will make money and is still in an area that they have some interest in.

      One of my friends has created a website for mothers who have lost a child. She doesn’t care about making any money on that site and doesn’t hardly do anything to make money. It’s all about providing comfort to other women and also to herself.

      Would you like to mention your idea here and let me and others give you some thoughts and advice?

      I would love to help any way I can.

  1. Thanks for such an inspiring post Rick. It certainly got me thinking of where I would like to work from instead of the confines of my office and not be restricted to approved leave by my boss and having to come back to my job. Nicely written, thanks for the dream building!

    • Thank you Kat for the excellent comment. I think too many of us only have a short term goal and don’t think big enough for the future. I love working at home and I have the flexibility to work at my corporate office or from my house. I also don’t have to be at work or leave work at any particular time. I really have a great work situation right now. However, even with my “great” working situation, I want to keep a long term outlook on my future because I have bigger plans and I don’t want to become complacent.

  2. Hi Rick – great article I enjoyed reading it immensely. My goal is to sit on the beach WITHOUT the laptop, but I know that there’s a few more years of hard work required before my business gets to that stage. In the meantime I’m quite happy being a digital nomad while I work towards that. Best wishes, Karen

    • Me too Karen. I love what I am building on line and really enjoy interacting with people so I don’t mind packing my laptop, tablet or smart phone with me, however, you bring up a great point.

      We need to make time for work and for play. I can overwork myself in a heartbeat and I know my wife and family do not appreciate that. Having balance while finding financial freedom is important.


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