Best Laptop Docking Stations

So, you are ready to purchase your new laptop but have you thought how tiring it can get typing on a laptop for hours on end? Have you considered having a larger monitor or dual monitors and an ergonomic keyboard? You need to consider having a work station in addition to your laptop. The first thing you need is a docking station. What are the best laptop docking stations?Dell laptop docking station

First Off, What is a Docking Station?

A docking station is used to make your laptop feel more like a desktop computer. The advantage to this is you can plug in the keyboard of your choice, a mouse, speakers, dual monitors, a printer and other accessories.

Sometimes it gets tiring looking at a small laptop screen and I for one don’t like the position my hands are in while typing on a laptop for long hours. That’s why I have a docking station at my corporate office and at my home. This is what my work station looks like at home.

Dell docking station

You may also be able to tell I have a sit and stand Varidesk. This is one incredible and comfortable work space and I still have the flexibility of un-docking the laptop and taking it anywhere I wish to work.

Now That You Know What a Docking Station Will Do for You….

Let’s make sure there is a docking station for the laptop you wish to purchase.

Some people won’t care about having a work station or may not be able to afford any more than a laptop but just in case you want something similar to the picture above, you need to make sure a docking station is available and that it fits the laptop model you have selected.

I created a list of some of the Best Laptops for 2019, so I am going to look at each of the laptop brands and models I presented and see if a docking station is available.


WARNING: You must be careful to ensure you purchase the correct docking station for the specific model of laptop you have purchased or would like to purchase and beware there are many types of docking stations that have different accessories or number of ports, etc.

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There You Have It

Do you want more out of your laptop? I sure do. I want the flexibility that a laptop brings plus the power of a work station that the dock or docking station brings.

Just remember to make sure you get the right docking station for your new laptop. It will make a world of difference and you’re online experience will explode.

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12 thoughts on “Best Laptop Docking Stations”

  1. What a huge article and which good info I picked up today. Dock stations are really useful when it comes to deal with more screens. However, How much graphics power will I need to stay up with all those screens?

    • I have never looked into how much power these monitors require as it has never been an issue. Most of the docking stations can handle at least two monitors. I would make sure the docking station has the number of ports you want and the type of connections you require.

      The biggest thing I had to get use to with two wide screen monitors, and now the laptop as my third screen, is the amount of mouse movement it take to get from one side of the screen to the other. I have adapted to that by making my mouse a lot more sensitive. Now I’m looking at moving up from the dual 24″ monitors to at least the 27″ monitors. I spend so much time at my workstation in my profession as an engineer and also in creating my websites that I need more space to handle more applications being open at one time. I can always minimize and expand screens over and over and over again but my productivity goes way up when I have enough room to keep more software application open.

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