VARIDESK Reviews – Stand to Work with ProDesk 60

Do you sit for long hours every day? Do you need to get up and move around for health reasons? Well, I do and I finally asked my company if they would buy a VARIDESK for me, and they did.

Product: VARIDESK ProDesk 60
Shipping Box: Approx. 6′ x 4′
Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty
My Rating: 5 out of 5

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Stand to Work

Have you wondered if there were reasons you should stop sitting all day? Well, let me tell you why.

  • Standing helps with blood circulation in your legs.Sit & stand to work
  • Standing helps you stay more awake.
  • Standing burns more calories.
  • There is some medical research that indicates higher levels of cancer caused by long hours of sitting.
  • Increased risk of diabetes
  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Sitting may increase anxiety.

These are all great topics of discussion but I really don’t need these and medical research to tell me what I should already know by common sense.

I had a stroke in 2013 so getting more activity is one of the things I need to do. Standing and sitting with a VARIDESK was the answer for me.

I was recently working on a project that I had to work on overnight. I started getting fatigued so I found myself sitting for several hours that night. I noticed quickly that, in this situation, my feet started swelling so bad that it really scared me. I immediately got up, moved around, sat and elevated my feet, moved some more and drank some water.

I started working again but this time I stood or knelt to change positions and eventually called it a night as I felt I was at risk of a major health crisis.

So, I strongly recommend you find ways to move more, stand more, and change positions more.

Don’t Forget the VARIDESK ActiveMatVARIDESK Active Mat

You need a floor mat if you plan on standing much. I actually didn’t consider this when I asked for a VARIDESK but my boss did think about it and WOW! Does the ACTIVEMAT ever make a difference.

There are a few different types but I prefer the one with the angled edges because it lets me stretch my calves and it’s nice to step on to the edges.

My New ProDesk 60s at the Front Door

My new ProDesk 60 was delivered in about 5 days. It was in one box but a word of warning. The desk is pretty heavy. I was able to slide it into the house but I needed two people to set it up.

The setup is easy. The desk comes as one unit (the table) and four legs. The problem is you have to prop the desk up against the wall or turn it upside down to connect the legs, which anyone can do. The catch is turning it over. The desk is very sturdy and made out of great materials, but it has extra parts on it so that you can raise and lower the desk easily. The second person in needed to flip the desk over.

I love the desk. It is made out of quality materials and is incredibly easy to operate. It’s nice when a product comes, mostly assembled, and is immediately ready for use.

My VARIDESK ProDesk 60 in Action

There’s not a lot to say about this desk. It just works, and is super easy to adjust between 9 different heights.

VARIDESK Height Adjustments
I use it sitting and standing. The main thing I need is to adjust my position frequently and move often to help with my blood circulation, and sometimes to help me stay awake.

ProsVaridesk - Sitting configuration

  • Quick delivery
  • Package and protected well
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to adjust
  • 9 different height settings
  • Comes with a drink coaster
  • Comes with two hooks for hanging a jacket on or a purse, etc.
  • It stopped my feet from swelling up as much


  • None
  • I guess you might be able to say it is a little heavy but that’s not a con to me.

My Final Thoughts

My review is not to convince you that you “must have this.” I only want you to see the benefits of moving more during the day to improve your health.

My healthy pretty much required that I move more so the choice was obvious to me.

I don’t think I will ever work again without a VARIDESK.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the VARIDESK and if you have any other suggestions to help those of use who sit for long periods of time while working.

VARIDESK Standing configuration

Last Final Thought

VARIDESK has many types of products. They have Sit-Stand Converters that you place right on top of your desk. They have full desks and tables, chairs, storage, floor mats, and other accessories. Click on the link below and search for “VARIDESK” on

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Please leave a Comment Below or Email Me if you have any questions.

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VARIDESK - ProDesk 60






Overall Quality



  • Easy to setup
  • 9 different height adjustments
  • Stopped my feet from swelling


  • Heavy

14 thoughts on “VARIDESK Reviews – Stand to Work with ProDesk 60”

  1. The Varidesk Pro desk 60 looks to be quite a revolutionary invention. With the ability to adjust to different height levels to compensate for your sitting position will be very helpful health wise. To be able to even adjust it to stand at as well is even more beneficial. The desk will certainly be popular for people with back problems.

    • There have been many times I found myself leaning to one side in my chair and I’m sure my chiropractor would be screaming at me if he saw that. Being able to stand and switch positions is invaluable and will help limit many health issues in the future.

    • There are several options out there. My wife is the first person who told me about the VARIDESK. Several of the accountants she works with use them and then I started noticing them at different offices around town.

      VARIDESK has several different types from full desks to the sit-stand converters, that sit right on top of your existing desk. They have several different sizes and some for cubicles, desks, corner units, etc.

      It really is a great product.

  2. Hi Rick.
    I like the look of this desk – it looks smart and clean although without the piles of paperwork that I currently have on my own small fold away table!
    I do have a couple of questions however: What is the cost of the desk and do you consider it value for money? And can it be folded away at all. I have quite a small space that I use for work in my living room so it would be good if it could fold away. I like the adjustable height idea and that can help you stop sitting down all day though.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    • The costs of my desk, the DeskPro 60, was about $800. There is a 48″ desk for about $600 and there are several sit-stand converters that range from $400 to $600.

      I was surprised how well priced the VARIDESK products are. The great price plus the added health benefits from being able to stand or change positions is invaluable to me, especially as a stroke victim.

      The full desks are pretty heavy and the legs are screwed on so once you set the desk up, I don’t think you want to “fold it away” vary often. The sit-stand converters are lighter and sit on top of you existing desk but they still are not meant to put up or out of the way. You place your monitors on the sit-stand converters or on the full desks which means you won’t be moving these much, other than adjusting the height up and down.

      I hope that helps.

  3. Oh Wow, what a great review about a great piece of furniture. I am going to buy one as most of the work I do is on PC, will highly recommend this to others as it is very useful and I am sure it will help us in getting rid of body pains when we sit and work on normal furniture.

    • Honestly, unless you rarely sit, everyone should have one of these. Besides the health benefits, I find I stay much more alert when I can sit, stand, move, adjust my feet and just move around more.

      And the health benefits make VARIDESK invaluable.

  4. This is a great review! I used to work very long hours in a call center, where the majority of people are sitting their entire shift at a desk. I was lucky enough to be on the management team where we were given desks that we could stand at. I suffer from sciatica and can not sit for long periods of time, so this definitely benefited me.

    I didn’t even realize a sit-stand converter was an option! I am going to think about getting one of these for my home.

    • I have my ProDesk 60 at home and I’m about to get a sit-stand conversion for my work office. I split my time between both locations and now that I have the one at home, I have to get one for the other place.

      It’s just too valuable to have once you have seen the difference.


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