Top Rated Computer Mice | 2020

What are the top computer mice? Let’s take a look at this years mice that hit the top review pages the most often.

Computer Mice

Who Is the Biggest Mouse Developer on the Block?

One thing that became abundantly clear by the time I had finished my research into computer mice is that Logitech dominates the computer mice industry. I can’t base this on the amount of sales or a lot of other statistics, other than Logitech mice show up over and over on everyone’s top 10 lists and it’s not just a few models.

In my research of eight different computer mice reviews, a total of 19 different models showed up. The next closest company was Microsoft and VicTsing.

I’m not saying that Logitech has the best computer mice, however, I am saying that they keep showing up in the top of the top 10 lists, a lot.

Here’s My Top 10 Computer Mice for 2019

DISCLAIMER: My top 10 list is not based on hands on testing. My research consisted of looking at the best reviews for 2018 combined with the top sellers on Amazon and Google. My top 10 list is more of an observation of the top computer mice that consistently were ranked high by well know review sites on the web.

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 My Final Thoughts

During my research into computer mice, I came up with 50 different models to choose from. You’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg and these are the ones that made it to top of other respected reviews more frequently.

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Feel free to contact me for the extended list in the Comment Section below or you can Email me.

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10 thoughts on “Top Rated Computer Mice | 2020”

  1. Hi Rick,
    I completely agree with you that Logitech is the best company when it comes to computer mice. They are the most durable and the Bluetooth ones are the most responsible to clicks compared with other companies.
    I have not upgraded my mouse for a while and I am a Logitech happy user. Even though I do not have any issues with my current mouse I really loved Logitech G903 Lightspeed Wireless one. It looks modern and I love the ability to program different buttons. So I should probably upgrade mine.
    Thank you for the valuable information.

    • I am happy to help you see some new options. I also am looking hard at a few of them. I don’t need a compact and portable mouse but I could see me getting one if I knew I would be flying somewhere. I’m really thinking about getting the Logitech MX Master 2S soon.

      After reviewing the laptops, monitors, keyboards and mice, I think I am talking myself into a complete computer workstation overhaul.

  2. Wow! It is amazing how far computer mice have come along. I remember the original mice and how they hurt my hands, cause I have big hands. I didn’t even know that they made different kinds. That’s probably cause I haven’t really used a mouse in years, cause I always use a laptop. But I am really thinking about getting one to use with my laptop. Do you recommend a specific one for someone who has big hands? Thanks for the info.

    • As long as you’re not trying to save space because you travel a lot, I would recommend either the Logitech MX Master 2S. This is the one that I plan on buying next and I also have big hands.

      Let me know if you end up getting it and what you think. I will post a detailed review of the mouse after I get it in the mail.

  3. I found your article through a Google search and it’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for. The mouse I have is hit or miss and the way you listed the features of each one is perfect. I’m really up in the air, leaning a bit toward the sleek Apple mouse, but I may go with another Logitech…

    Thank you!

    • You are welcome. There are so many logitech mice to choose from. I found 19 logitech models in my research for this article. I will gladly share those if you would like me too.

      What Logitech models are you thinking about?

  4. Most on your list are logitech. I just recently pick up and logitech keyboard and so far I like it. Right now I’m planning to buy a computer mice because my mice right now is acting up. I want a mice that will last me the longest and I’m thinking about razer or logitech. In your experience which brand of mice lasted you?

    • I don’t have any hands on experience with Razer mice but from the company specs and reviewer’s opinions, Razer mice are made of superior material and are highly durable. Razer mice may be more durable than Logitech and based on my long history with Logitech mice, they can easily last over 5 years. After five years you would want to change your mouse to keep up with computer technology anyway.

      Based on my reviews I would say that Razer mice may last longer but I think it’s a point not worth arguing over as they will both last plenty long. I would not hesitate to recommend either one. 

      One final thought. Gamers are going to select the Razer over Logitech most of the time.

  5. Rick,
    I never knew there were so many different kinds of mice! I do use one every now and then.
    Your article has sparked my interest. Where would you suggest I go to check some of these out for my self in person?

    • I would check out an computer/electronic store in your area. There are several Best Buy stores in the Oklahoma City area that have some of the best selections so that is where I would personally start. Walmart and Target carry all of these mice online but you would have to see if they carry them in the store.

      I would recommend that you go to all three of these stores plus any other computer/electronic stores in your area and you may get lucky and find all of them to handle and determine which one feels best to you. My only word of caution here is you won’t be able to see how quiet one is over the other or how much more responsive the gaming mice are over the non-gaming mice. That information you would have to get from reviews of the products.

      I hope that helps. Please stop back by and let me know which one you decide on.


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