The Path I have Chosen to Build Financial Independence

I have wanted to be financially free for as long as I can remember but I would like to tell you about the path I have chosen to build financial independence.

I think the best way to relay this information to you is to show the steps I have taken on this journey.

Steps on My Journey

  1. First, I had to decide on if I really wanted to create my own businesses and what that would look like.
    1. Would I build my own brick and mortar business?
    2. Would I build an on-line business?
  2. I chose On-line, so the next decision was figuring out who I would learn from
  3. I had to decide if I was really all in on this journey and would I be disciplined and consistent in training and building the website.
  4. Next, I had to figure out how I would keep my priorities straight with my family and day job as I set off on this journey.
  5. How would I deal with fatigue, writers block, burnout, and life getting in the way at times?
  6. When will I leave my day job to go full-time in my on-line business?
  7. How will I deal with success and extra money?
  8. How do I continue to grow and adjust my goals as I keep moving along in my journey?

Your steps will look different then mine, but these are the things I have considered and had to deal with. Currently, I am on step 5 as I am building my websites and YouTube Channels. At the moment, I am making sure I spend time with my family, take care of my job, that is paying the bills, and also have some free time when I can relax in the mountains here in Colorado.

The First Steps

The first step was easy for me as I knew absolutely that I wanted to be my own boss and not fight traffic and have to be the office at particular time each day.

The second step was harder as there are so many advertisements and “opportunities” that I would stop looking for what to do at times, because I didn’t know who to trust, but thankfully, I fell into Wealthy Affiliate when my son told me about it.

Wealthy Affiliate | We Can Teach Anyone to Build an Online Business

Some of you know this story so I’ll keep it brief, but I thought WA was a scam, and I set off to protect my son from what I “knew” was a bogus sales scam.

WOW! Was I ever wrong. Well, that’s how I came to WA and how I started building my first website.

The next issue I had to confront was if I was going to rock this thing for a few months or a year and then fall away if things didn’t happen as fast as I wanted them to. Fortunately, there was a lot of great training and advice here at WA that I needed to be in this for the long haul as it takes time to build a real business, and that’s exactly what we’re doing here.



I am right in the middle of transitioning from the build up to what I know is coming soon, and that’s the real success I have been working towards on my websites and the decision to when I will quit my day job.

This is all really exciting so I have to be careful here and make the right decision for me and my family.

The Future

The world seems to be going crazy these days, but building my business helps me stay focused and positive about my future, even with difficult times going on around us.

Wealthy Affiliate has helped me to focus in on my future and build a big dream and goal, which in turn helps me to make my way through the ups and downs in life more easily.

It’s easier to get through life when I know where I’m going

I hope this helps some of you when you’re trying to figure out where you’re going. Please leave a comment below as I would love to visit with you about your experiences or if you have questions about your journey.

Here’s a YouTube video of me explaining more about these steps I have taken and will be taking.

Wealthy Affiliate | We Can Teach Anyone to Build an Online Business

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