Monavie Juice Scam

There are a lot of great people in the world and I met many of them when I joined up with Mona Vie about 10 years ago. I really wanted Mona Vie to be the real deal and I tried hard to make it work. It’s to bad it became known as the Monavie Juice Scam.

We Need Hope and Some People Use That Against UsMona Vie juice bottles

I was so hopeful that Mona Vie was the real thing. The product looked cool, it tasted good, the people were great and the financial success looked awesome.

We all know that Mona Vie hit bottom and was a MLM scheme. I didn’t see that when I was in it. I was sold on the great health benefits they said it offered. I guess I should have known to run the other way when several family members tried to get me signed up, but I was blind to what was in front of me.

The sad thing is that most everyone there were great, wonderful, happy people that just wanted a better life. Some loved the health benefits and what better way to make money than to sell something that could improve your health also?

But Their Ads and Video Production was so Professional

Well, I guess everyone knows how to hook people and encourage us to open our wallets.

Mona Vie logo

I remember an incredible video that was produced by Mona Vie where they had a group of climbers, who were Mona Vie members. It was one incredible climb in a majestic setting and it was so inspirational. Most of the climbers made it to the top and I was so inspired to be there the next time they did it.

Just thinking back about that video, having watched it several times I might add, makes me feel happy today. It was about a team of people that were working together to do something great and to inspire others to do the same.

Little did I know that this would be short-lived.

It Was Not Easy to Be Successful at Mona Vie

I really should have started seeing the picture earlier because it seemed like there was only twenty or so people that were living in the great houses, driving the fancy cars, that were given to them, and one couple was even given a motor home to travel the country to tell their story.

I believe these were some of the very first ones that entered the program. The rest of us “wannabees” just kept looking on with longing in our eyes, thinking that could be us some day.

I worked hard at trying to make it work. I even paid for some booth space at a home and garden show to sell Mona Vie. I stood for two days telling everyone about how great Mona Vie was and I did this on more than one occasion.

Wonderful People Get Involved in Failed CompaniesFriends

I never look back on Mona Vie with disgust. I look back on it as a time in my life where I learned some valuable lessons and made some great friends. It was a time in my life where I had hope for my future.

There were obvious indications that this was a MLM to someone with more experience than me and who also cared to look deeper beyond all of us “moonstruck” followers. But who really wanted to hear that negative news.

There were many wonderful people who lost money in Mona Vie, and I was one of them.

I Still Have Hope for the Future and Want You to Have Hope Also

Even though Mona Vie failed in the end, I experienced some great things and met many wonderful people there.

We need to keep moving forward to find hope and legitimate opportunities. Life can get us down easy enough and I for one do not want to become complacent and settle for a beer and watching my favorite sports teams in my lazy boy recliner for the rest of my life.

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14 thoughts on “Monavie Juice Scam”

  1. Hi Rick, in reality many of us have been there. Had the carrot dangle in front of us, show us the promise of making money and all with a product that we can believe in. I think MLM companies can work, but it’s harder than they make out it is for most of us. It’s not a business model I feel comfortable about these days myself. It sounds like it was an opportunity for you to learn some lessons, which I think makes great experiences if you can learn from them. You have also valued the people you met along the way, what a great opportunity to meet like minded-people. Thanks for sharing you’re insight and experience :).

    • Thank you for the great comments Kat. I wanted to write about my Mona Vie experience, not to get on the band wagon and yell obscenities at the upper management but to tell people my story and show the experiences I gained, like you said.

      I am so thankful to have found another “legitimate” opportunity at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme and it takes a lot of hard work but I love the opportunities I am seeing ahead.

  2. Hi Rick,
    MLM schemes work if you get involved very early on, otherwise they only really benefit the people further up the ladder. They have a great way of marketing it those looking for an opportunity.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with this one and see that you remain positive despite those and maybe learned something along the way.
    Thanks for sharing your story

    • I think most people get a negative impression when they hear the word MLM. I don’t believe this is a good business model and I would never, knowingly, get involved in one again, but that doesn’t mean everything about them is bad; and most of the people are incredible. I just want you to see there are other great opportunities online.

  3. Hi Rick,
    Wherever I see your name on an article, I know that there is something valuable. I totally agree with you that we always learn new things when joining MLM companies and meeting great people too. I have a similar experience with another MLM company which is called SFI Marketing Group. I have been there for about five years. In addition to meeting wonderful people, I earn money. I want to tell you that these companies work but they need time, persistence and patience. In conclusion, I find Wealthy affiliate the best of all.

    • I agree that the amount of training with website and content creation at Wealthy Affiliate is fantastic. I feel like I am in college again with the vast amount of knowledge that is available to us.

      It seems like everything in life takes work, dedication and patience. Wealthy Affiliate is no different. Thank you for your comments.

  4. I know exactly what you are talking about. I have been a part of these types of business( MLM) and to tell you the truth you have such a high that you feel like you can conquer the world. Even though over the years some of them have proven to work getting to the top is a lot of hard work.

    I am so happy to know that in this day and time that there are more and better ways to make money like affiliate marketing, building websites and website ownership and all that good stuff that comes along with the kind of business that we are a part of.

    Thanks so much for sharing your honest take on MLM.

    • Hey Norman, thank you for the comments. I do feel blessed to finally be part of something that I can build and create over many years and it’s not based on me selling to my family and friends. It’s about me creating a great website with professional content that will attract people on its own.


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