How Do I Break Free from My Job?

I feel stuck in my job. It sickens me every day when I wake up and think of going to work, again. I always get stuck in traffic with everyone racing to get to a job they hate. WHY?! How do I break free from my Job?

How Do We Get Stuck in Jobs We Hate?Miserable looking man

The simple answer is that most of us start out after high school or college needing a job to pay the bills or get that cool car that we just can’t live without. The next thing that happens is we aren’t making enough money to pay the bills and we start living from paycheck to paycheck.

How pitiful.

I have been in that situation for most of my life but I am bound and determined to break free of it.

But, How Do I Get Out of This Nightmare!

For most of us it comes down to your will. What are you willing to do to keep fighting to make a change?

Most of us in this situation don’t have a lot of money and we don’t want to lose the one job we have now because we have to feed ourselves and our family and pay for rent, and an old broken down car.

So, you find yourself in this situation. What are you going to do?

Are you one of those people standing in line hoping to get the winning lottery ticket? Good luck with that one.

Why are we standing in line to buy a lottery ticket when we know there’s no way we’re going to win? One word……


We are hoping to change our lives and our future. We may not have much but we still have a little hope some place deep down in side our soul.

We must keep our hope alive. Do whatever you have to do to keep hope in your life. Don’t give up on your hopes and dreams.

You’re Stuck…….. Or Are You?

Believe me when I say I understand what it’s like to be stuck and never have enough money. Nearly everyone in my family barely survives month to month and the ones who look like they’re doing great are actively going in the debt hell-hole.

What can you do? You can choose to keep going down this same path and be in this same situation many years from now. Does that sound appealing to you?

Or…….you can start making a change.

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This change doesn’t have to be this year, it’s just that you need to start making the change.

How many of us are all for the “get-rich-quick scheme” and “lets make that change right now?”

Let me ask you a question. How many great things in life usually happen to you instantly? Don’t those wonderful things normally take time? Pine Tree

Let me ask you another question. How many times have you looked back on your life and said……”If I would have only planted that tree 10 years ago, it would be huge by now?” I can’t tell you how many times I have chosen not to do something because it would take a few years and then five years later I’m kicking myself because of it.

Time goes by much faster than we think. Time seems slow right now, probably because you’re reading this article, but you will wake up months from now wondering where did the time go.

So, You Are Not Stuck! You Only Think You Are

I guarantee you everyone that’s reading these words is not stuck. You may have to take some extreme action to get “unstuck” but you are not stuck.

You need to start looking farther into the future and begin planning. Maybe you need to make an immediate change to get you to the place where you can really plan but you need to have a long term outlook.Sprinter

Think about this. Everyone loves to watch the super fit sprinters at the Olympics. They sure look good and they are ripped all over and WOW! How explosive!

BANG! They’re out of the blocks and 10 seconds later they’re raising their hands in victory, wrapping themselves in their countries flag, or they’re on the ground gasping for breath.

Which one do you want to be……and I’m not talking about any of them.

I’m talking about the skinny long distant runners who are taking hours to run a race that seems to never end. These runners aren’t massively built. They are not built for incredible bursts of speed. They are built for the long, grinding, mentally excruciating race that never seems to end.

Long Distance runner
Now, once again……which one do you want to be… LIFE?

We need to stop thinking of ourselves as being in a sprint but being in a marathon. Not many people want to run marathons, because they’re hard, they take forever and you have to train forever to be great at them.

Life is Not a Sprint…… Life is a Marathon

Stop what you’re doing and write down what you have always wanted to do. Maybe you have several things.

I recommend you keep it to yourself for a short time and keep adding to it for a few days or a week. Next, take some time and get away from everyone. Maybe your alone time is at the park or in a quiet room when everyone is freaking over some sporting event.

Find some alone time and really ponder what you want.

Next, start developing a plan of how you will get there. Find someone who can give you guidance or at least encouragement and isn’t going to laugh at you and tell you “that will never happen.”

Find friends that are positive, encouraging and looking for hope as you are.

If you are in a horrible situation than the first thing you need to do is remove yourself from that place.

REMEMBER, AT ALL COST……FIND YOUR HOPE!…….and never stop fighting and believing in you.

You Need to Make that Change Today

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Find Your Hope

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24 thoughts on “How Do I Break Free from My Job?”

  1. I like the way you formatted this website. It’s very realistic, since most of us feel stuck at some points in our lives. Great the way you explain how you can unstuck yourself and keep moving forward. Great job!

    • Hi Kammy and thank you for the compliment on the website. I don’t have a lot of formal training in website layouts. I just do what feels right and looks good to me. Of course, my kids have offered their “professional” help to me a few times.

      I have felt stuck several times in my life and it always makes me feel better when I have a plan and some hope for the future. It’s like watching the news. If I watch the news every hour of the day, it get’s me down and I have less hope for my future, but if I just pick up some headlines each day to keep up with the news, in general, but focus my energy on building something positive; I find I have much more hope and a plan I believe in for my future.

  2. Hey Rick ,
    As a person who is trying to start an online business like yourself, I have been told no and doubted more times than I can count. The road uphill is quite a battle but the view from the top is always worth it! Loved your article and I believe no one should be stuck doing something they hate for the rest of their lives!


    • You are so right. It seems like most people around me want something given to them or would like to win something to live the good life but are not willing to work hard for it themselves. They are also quick to tell you it can’t be done.

      I understand achieving my goals will be difficult at times and will take some time but I refuse to sit back in my comfortable couch and watch some show on TV about how other people are living the life they want. It’s hard to make a change and may be harder to get other people around us to be supportive of what we want to do but that shouldn’t hold us back.

      I am determined to improve my life and in return, improve the lives of others around me, even the people who were not supportive or who doubted.

      Thank you for the wise words.


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