How Do I Create My Own Website for Free?

Millions of people around the world are asking the question of how can I create a website and even more specifically, how do I create my own website for free? I want to walk you through the process of answering the question.

First, I Need to See What People are Searching for on Google

This is where I use Google Instant to start my research and to get ideas. This is a case where I am already pretty sure of what I want to write about but I still want to see if there are other great ideas I’m not considering.

I start by opening up Google and typing in my first idea for an article which is “How do I Create a Web Page?”

Google search
This subject is obviously covered well with 142,000,000 results showing up in just the past week. However, I’m a little belligerent today and decide that I want this to be one of my articles I cover on my web site so I press on to the next step.

The Next Step is I Need a Keyword or Keyword Phrase

Jaaxy research tool

I want to walk you through how I will answer the question of creating a website for free but first I need to look for a great keyword or keyword phrase that will catch your attention and draw you to my website so I can answer your question.

I’m going to use Jaaxy to do some important research. Remember this is a valuable part of the process that you really should not ignore.

My first choice to start my search is “how do I create a webpage.”

My first search on Jaaxy
This first guess for a keyword phrase wasn’t bad. I’m looking for the Average Traffic to be above 30, the QSR to be below 100 and the SEO to be at least 90. I also notice a few more interesting variations in the list:

  • how do I create a business facebook page
  • how do I create a website
    • how do I create a web page that makes money (shows up in the “Related” column)
    • how do I create a free website at Wealthy Affiliate (shows up in the “Related” column)

I’m somewhat intrigued by the idea of creating a website at Wealthy Affiliate so I enter that into the search bar.

2nd Jaaxy keyword search
The first thing that is obvious to me is that I don’t like this keyword phrase because it has a really low average traffic and an SEO that is lower than 90. The QSR is ok but this is a “no go” for me.

However, I do like several other related searches that showed up below.

  • How do you create a free website
  • How can I create a free website
  • How do I create my own website for free
  • How do I create a free website

There are several other search results that I am ignoring because they don’t make “human sense.” I really like the “How do I Create my Own Website for Free.” This has a decent average traffic, a low QSR and a pretty good SEO, so that’s what I have chosen for my keyword phrase and the title for this article.

Wealthy Affiliate | We Can Teach Anyone to Build an Online Business

I want to bring your attention to another great thing about Jaaxy and that is the ability to save your searches into “Saved Lists.” Several of the searches above I saved into a list and now these are readily available for later use or to compare now in case I was still not sure about what my keyword phrase would be.

Jaaxy saved keyword search

I am now confident that I have a great keyword phrase that will give me a better opportunity to get ranked higher in the Google+, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

This is where I need to shift gears slightly and tell you about where I ended up creating my free website. I actually was able to create two free websites to start with and trust me when I say, two is enough to keep you occupied for a long time.

How I Created Two Websites for Free

I initially heard about Wealthy Affiliate from my son and I just knew it was a scam so I started my own research to help protect him.

Now, a little while later, I have created four websites with Wealthy Affiliate and am passionate about what I am doing and I am loving it every day.

Wealthy Affiliate dashboard
So as you know, I started out to protect my son but there was no better way than to start with their “so called” free training. I mean, “how much can you really get for free, right?”

I was shocked that within a few days I had created my first website and had already started setting up my site correctly for the internet search engines. Here is a look at the course outline and everything you will learn in just the first course. Trust me, it’s a lot.

WA Free Course Outline
Let’s just say, by the time I finished the free course I was hooked. I had learned so much and had actually created two websites because I had all of these great ideas about what I wanted to work on. There was no scam to be found here. It’s just great training, hard work, determination, a great community and a little patience.

Here are the many things you will achieve after finishing this free course.

Course benefits and outcomes
Let me just give you a heads up now that I am not the greatest and most knowledgeable website designer and content creator this world has ever seen.

I started building my first website 2 years ago, but I was fortunate enough to come across absolutely incredible training and a community that is knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging.

There is nothing for me to sell here. You need to experience this on your own and you can do that absolutely free.

Wealthy Affiliate Signup

I encourage you to check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review at the link below.

My Wealthy Affiliate Review

I would love to hear any comments or questions you might have. Please leave them below or send me an Email and I will get back to you quickly.

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18 thoughts on “How Do I Create My Own Website for Free?”

  1. Rick this is good stuff you have created here. Thanks for breaking down everything to the layman’s understanding and even members will find it useful and helpful. I will definitely visit more of your work.
    Well done lol.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I may be a civil engineer but I don’t like using big words. I need to keep things simple and easy to understand. I appreciate your comments and look forward to you checking back in.

  2. Hi Rick,

    It’s really fantastic when you get free things that work as good or better than you expect. And Wealthy Affiliate appears to do that. I haven’t found any other training programs with that much free content.
    Is Jaaxy free as well?
    What happens after you finish the free course, do you have to start paying money to continue?


    • You can continue on with the free Starter membership. You still have two websites you can create, website backups, you own blog, video walk-throughs and, the affiliate program.

      From my experience, once I had gone through the free course, in which I learned a tremendous amount, I knew I wanted to learn more and there was much more training ahead I wanted. It was an easy decision for me as the Premium membership was at a reduced rate for the first month. I knew I could always cancel the membership before the first month was up if Wealthy Affiliate wasn’t right for me.

      The only problem was, the training at Wealthy Affiliate is incredible and I have learned so much and I love creating things so now I am sold and there was no reason to cancel my membership when I reached the end of my first month.

      Remember that I started out my Wealthy Affiliate research as a skeptic, believing it was a scam and now I have actually paid for a year in advance since you can save more money doing that.

      This is the real deal.


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