Affilorama Affiliate Marketing – My Review

I have only known one affiliate marketing program so I thought I would check out another well-known program to see how it compared. I have gone in with an open mind, not intending for it to be a scathing review but to give it an honest shot. The lingering question will be for you to decide, is Affilorama legit?

My Introduction Into AffiloramaAffilorama pop up sing in page

The first thing that popped up was a sign-in page, which is understandable. I tried looking around without signing up but everything was pretty much blocked. Again, very understandable.

I made the decision then that if I was going to give Affilorama a fair shot, I needed to sign up, which I did.

The sign-up was easy and I was immediately drawn to the Lessons tab at the top. It’s always best, in my opinion, to learn about a program by jumping right into the training.

Affilorama’s LessonsAffilorama's Lessons

Affilorama’s lessons are listed below and in image to the right.

  • Introduction
  • Market Research
  • Content Creation
  • Site Building
  • Marketing Ideas
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Affiliate Outsourcing

Affilorama’s Lesson 1 – What I learned

I am going to list my notes as I sat and watched all the lesson 1 videos plus one video in Building a Basic Web Page. I think this will give you a sense of my honest thoughts while listening.

Affilorama's Lesson 1
NOTE: These are my personal opinionated notes.12 step paid for training

  • You have to go to a word press site to create your website and get their support. Affilorama does not seem to have any support.
  • They bring up the 12 step paid training walk through, if you need personal assistance, in the very first lesson.
  • This sounds like a late night infomercial.
  • They talk about placing affiliate links throughout your article.
  • They discuss affiliate marketing without a website.
  • The second video contains a 2nd link to Affiloblueprint, which is another paid sales pitch to help me.
  • So far, there have three training videos and three different teachers.
  • I am being taught how to notice affiliate sites.AffiloJetpack
  • They mention that most people don’t want to create large web sites and you can do it quicker with a squeeze page.
  • You don’t need to worry about researching keywords or building links to your site.
  • In my opinion, this is a pay for success site and the emphasis so far has been on creating a single squeeze page.
  • It takes a lot of time or a lot of money to pay someone else to create a website and content for you.
  • But, they now offer AffiloJetpack to help you get started out and of course it costs money, $997 to be exact.
  • I am being confused because one of the trainers seems to be slamming affiliate marketing sites that have a lot of posts and they are spamming their own training products they seem to be focused on selling to me.
  • I have spent over two hours listening to information about affiliate marketing without any training and nothing to do with creating a website. The closet thing they have come to is creating a hub.
  • I was almost finished with the first lesson and they made me feel like not creating a website but they are offering their services to help me, but since I don’t have a lot of money, I am about to leave their site.

Affilorama’s Lesson 4 – Building a Basic Web Page

Ok, let’s get into building a web page……NOT!

Here are my notes as I listened to how to build a basic web page:Lesson 4 building a web page

  • They recommend Dreamweaver, which they state as being expensive.
  • They walk you through setting up the web page so quickly that it’s hard to follow.
  • Several times they talk through things quickly but never show you as they are doing it.
  • This is way to complicated to follow and as an engineer, if it’s too hard for me then it will be too hard for most people.
  • “Oh my Lord, this fast talking trainer is going so fast and is not showing his steps as he shows how to build the web page.” Those words actually came out of my mouth.
  • They then have the audacity to walk me through building a page with code! Really? Who is their audience? It surely isn’t programmers. Their audience is beginners into affiliate marketing but they are going so fast that they must think they are talking to experienced web page designers.

My Final Thoughts

I was really hoping that this was a legitimate program. It is legitimate, however, it is not a legitimate site for beginners, unless you have a lot of money to spend on personalized training, which is not cheap here; and I haven’t even gotten to how much their monthly membership is.

There isn’t any reason for me to even tell you any additional costs, as all the beginners who are short on money left the building already.

The real problem with Affilorama, in my opinion, is that it is just too difficult for beginners to follow without spending some serious money.

If you are a beginner and want to be walked though becoming an affiliate marketer, then there is a much better, easier and less expensive way to learn.

WA - Learn How to Build an Online Business

Click Here for My Story with Affiliate Marketing

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12 thoughts on “Affilorama Affiliate Marketing – My Review”

  1. Well, this is a real let down but I guess with programs like wealthy affiliate there is still hope to have an online business where you can make a good income. Thanks again for sharing a well-detailed post.

    • Yes, it actually was a let down because I thought it could be a good place to learn, and I’m sure it is for some people but when I’m told in the first lesson that, if I want to get it done right the first time, than I need to sign up for this 12 step course and pay them $197, that is not a good sign.

      I think there are millions of people on the web who don’t have a lot of money and want to build an online business but cannot afford $197. That is my biggest issue here as I have many family members who may want to build a website but can’t afford that.

  2. Hi, Rick. Sounds like you had a teeth-grinding experience trying to learn from those guys. I think it’s good that people try to malarkey themselves but it’s too bad when they don’t think about their customers and make things easy and logical. It also sounds like they are mostly concentrating on their upsells. No thanks. Thanks to you for biting the bullet and checking it out.

    • The only good thing about wasting 3 hours of my evening was I learned a few things, even though I’m not sure what they are at this moment.

      What I really took away from Affilomora was that Wealthy Affiliate is one incredible place to be and the training is so much easier to follow.

  3. Hello Rick
    Reading your review a quarter way through, I guessed where it would end up, the fact one has to sign up for information on the program, without info up front is almost always a waste of time.
    Thanks for going through the motions and saving your visitor the time, I have to say that it sounds like a waste of time. There are plenty better programs to join than Affilorama.

    Thanks for the heads up


    • As I move around their site and checked the comments there, it did not feel anywhere as active as Wealthy Affiliate. I also noticed as I was progressing through their training that the status bar, for the percent completed in the course, did not move. I checked to see if there was something else I was supposed to complete but it wasn’t obvious to me.

      I liked the training at Wealthy Affiliate immediately after starting, but it felt more like a sales pitch at Affilomora. Thanks for the comments.

  4. It sounds like a really subpar program. I think any affiliate program that is efficient needs to include the whole package: site hosting, website editor, and direct online support. I was considering checking other programs out just out of curiosity but it seems like I’m already signed up for the best! Thank you for sharing!

    • It never hurts to check out other programs as it is good to continue learning and see what other people are saying. I guess I was lucky to land at Wealthy Affiliate first, rather than be side tracked by less effective programs. Here is my review of Wealthy Affiliate if you would like to see how different it is, in a good way. Thank you for the comment.


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