How do I Write an Article?

You may be wondering how to write an article or blog post online. Maybe you have created a website and now you’re stuck on what to write or how to look something up to write. Well, that’s what I would like to show you today.

How do I Write an Article?

I am going to walk you through how to write an article in this blog post but you can also click on the picture below so you can watch my YouTube video of this presentation.

YouTube Video for Brainstorming Article
One of the best ways to find ideas to write about is by using Google Trends. This is a powerful tool that helps you to see the major trends in the world. You can sort by my country and category. It would be hard not to find something relevant to talk about. Try it out and see what you think.

Google trends

How Can I Find Something to Sell? – Alphabet Soup

Now that you have found a trending topic to write about, you may be asking yourself if there is something you can sell from it.

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I use the Alphabet Soup technique to chase this down. I start with the idea I came up with from Google Trends, which was “March Madness.” I typed in:

  • “March Madness” in Google Instant.
    • Nothing of interest came back so I tried:
  • “Sell March Madness a” which returned several things. One of the results was:
    • Sell March Madness Apparel

Now this gave me the idea of selling “March Madness Apparel” on

Selling Apparel on

So now I’m over at and I type March Madness Apparel

  • March Madness Shirts

This get’s me exactly what I want. Everyone likes sporting event shirts and there are plenty of shirts and hats available here to promote.

One of the last things I need to do is to come up with a great keyword or keyword phrase that can help me grab people’s attention when they are searching the internet. This is where Jaaxy comes into the picture.

I Need a Great Keyword Phrase

I use Jaaxy for every article I write to help me with a great keyword phrase to help draw people to my article.

Jaaxy keyword search tool

I open up Jaaxy and type in:

  • “March Madness”
    • Again, nothing of significance comes from this search so I try again:
  • “March Madness T Shirts”
    • I hit the jackpot with this. My search returns an Average Traffic of 139, a QSR of 50 and an SEO of 98. Perfect, now I have my keyword phrase by which I will begin writing my article around.

The last question is, do you have a website or a writing platform so you can write the article with the plan to promote “March Madness T Shirts?”

You Need a Place to Create a Website and Articles

I won’t add much here other than to tell you that I use Wealthy Affiliate and Site Rubix to create my websites and articles. The training is incredible and it’s so easy and quick to set up a website and get propelled into the online world. You should try it out for yourself.

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10 thoughts on “How do I Write an Article?”

  1. Hey Rick, I just watched your walk through video – thanks for creating and sharing your knowledge. It’s cram packed full of relevant and interesting content and will definitely be useful for anyone wanting to create a post for their website. Cheers, Karen

  2. Hey Rick, I watched your video, and I think you did a really good job. You covered a lot of ground, and it’s all important information. The detail was really informative, how you covered Google Trends, Amazon, Jaaxy, etc. I hope you continue to produce more videos, I think that is trending the right direction.

    • Thank you Steve for the confirmation of the direction I am heading. Making my first video was really difficult but it will get easier as I continue forward. I think videos are important because some people would rather watch a video than read. It takes a little more work and the video editing does take some time.

  3. Hi Rick, great article and great video presentation =) Just when I thought I knew almost all when it comes to writing my online articles, I am humbled that I did learn some stuff here on what you shared =) This is a refreshing take as I embark on new writing challenges ahead. I also appreciated your use of the video format. It legitimizes your point as your viewer, including me, hears your voice. It gives a personal touch to the message. Super thanks brother =)

    • Writing is also a challenge for me at times, especially with grammar and spelling, but it helps for me to continue learning from other more experienced people.

      I’m glad you liked the video. Creating videos is also another new for me and is out of my comfort zone but not many great things happen in life if we refuse to learn and grow. Thank you for letting me know that the video helped.

    • It’s not a problem and thank you for stopping in and checking it out. There is so much I keep learning about creating and writing articles so I will continue updating my website regularly.


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