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I have been looking for the best at-home blood pressure monitor and I believe I have finally found it. I probably searched 30 websites with review information plus I talked to my doctor and chiropractor. After researching as much as I had time for, I bought the two blood pressure monitors that kept coming up near the top of everyone’s lists.

My At-Home Research

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not conducting an extensive “Consumer Reports” style of testing, evaluation and comparisons to all the other brands and models. I am researching slightly more than the average person, I suspect, and then talking to some health professionals, so that at least “I believe” I am on track to locating one of the top blood pressure monitors.

Why is this so important to me? Strokes seem to run in my family and extended family and I have also had a stroke; and when high blood pressure is a top risk factor for strokes…..It ranks at the top of my list of something to watch carefully.

The Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure MonitorMy Omron 7 Series monitor

The first thing I did was to buy the Omron 7 Series monitor. I was attracted to it for the ease of use and portability. I have already reviewed this blood pressure monitor and you can find it at the link below.

Omron 7 Series Monitor

I had heard many negative comments about the accuracy of the Omron 7 but that has not turned out to be true for my units. I am careful to follow the directions explicitly on how to sit and the exact arm placement, etc.

I have taken 20 or so readings over three or four days comparing my blood pressure from the doctor’s office to my Omron 7 Series to my new Omron 10 Series monitors and they are all within 5 points of each other. Blood pressure readings are always going to be slightly different but I am ecstatic that the readings are very reliable.

I have decided to keep my Omron 7 Series monitor in my brief case so I can check it no matter where I am. It is roughly four (4) times smaller than the Omron 10 Series. My Omron 10 Series monitor sits on my desk right next to me at all times so I cannot forget to take my blood pressure in the morning and evening every day.

My doctor was extremely happy to hear that I had the Omron 10 monitor and that I was taking the readings daily. He was even more ecstatic when I told him it connects to my smart phone with Bluetooth and then automatically syncs up to the Omron Wellness App, where it then shows tables and graphs of my tests. On top of this, the app uploads the data to the website where I can see the data in even greater detail.

Omron Website with BP Graph

So, enough about the Omron 7 and the Omron website. Let’s get on to my new Omron 10 monitor.

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The Omron 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Well, here it is. My new Omron 10 Series monitor.

The first thing I recognized again, after seeing both the Omron 7 and the Omron 10, is a visually quality product. I’m not sure yet if the Omron 10 works well, but it sure is a sharp looking blood pressure monitor.

Omron 10 package contents

I also noticed right away that it is about 4 times larger than the Omron 7. Once again, I follow the instructions closely and register my new monitor and then sync up the new Omron 10 to the Omron Wellness App. I now have both the Omron 7 and 10 synced up.

It’s so easy to set the date and time on both of these monitors that you almost don’t even need the instruction.

There is an immediate great feature about the Omron 10 that I love. It has the ability to store blood pressure readings for two people and there is a large and obvious “mechanic” switch on the front that is easy to switch back and forth. Many times you have to switch within the unit by selecting something on the screen but this is so nice as it is a physical switch.

I quickly get everything up and running and it’s time to compare the two monitors.

Comparing the Omron 7 to the Omron 10

The obvious difference is the size. By a rough guesstimate, the Omron 10 is about 4 times larger than the Omron 7. It’s Omron 7 Monitor Readingobvious to me that my Omron 7 is my portable blood pressure monitor that will travel with me everywhere.

The display and the setup are very similar but that is not what I’m interested in comparing today. I’m concerned about the consistency between the two monitors as it relates to the blood pressure test and then comparing them to what my blood pressure was at the doctor’s office this week.

The results were impressive. Here they are from three different sources:

  • Doctor’s Office – 139 over 89
  • Omron 7 Series Wrist Monitor – 137 over 81
  • Omron 10 Series Upper Arm Monitor – 135 over 80

To me, these are almost identical. You always have to take into account who is taking the blood pressure test, are youOmron 10 BP Reading relaxed and in a similar condition, time of day, have you just eaten or worked out, etc.

I did my utmost best to make sure I was in the exact same condition for all three tests, that’s why these tests are close enough for me.

My advice to anyone concerned about the accuracy of your monitor(s) is to take the measurements often enough and near the same time as you have your blood pressure taken at the doctor’s office so you understand what the differences are. It’s important to be able to see changes to your blood pressure and not worry if the readings are off by five points.

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The Omron Quality

I have been completely impressed with the quality and accuracy of both of the Omron monitors. Most every review I had seen, listed the Omron monitor’s at the top or near the top and when my doctor told me to get an Omron, I just smiled and said, I had beat him to the punch.

These monitors are definitely worth every penny and honestly they don’t cost much. Both of my Omron monitors were roughly $60 dollars. I have paid more than that for cheaper stuff at some of the nationwide pharmacy chains and they can’t even come close to comparing to the Omron monitors.

If you haven’t seen the difference in the quality and accuracy of the Omron monitors, then it’s about time you gave them a shot.

So, how did I find the best blood pressure monitor – by research and testing.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Please Contact Me if you have any questions about the Omron Blood Pressure Monitors and leave a Comment Below.

If you think it would be interesting to create your own website and write articles such as this one then I encourage you to take a look at how easy it is to do.



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Omron 10 Series Upper Arm B.P. Monitor






Overall Quality



  • Easy to setup
  • App for smart phone
  • Irregular heartbeat detector


  • None

16 thoughts on “How To Build Your Own Website | An Example Article”

  1. You say you have researched this only “slightly” more than the average person, but I beg to differ.

    This was a very impressive piece of hands-on personal trial reporting! Extremely thorough and I appreciated the details surrounding the results and how you arrived at them (such as keeping yourself the same for each test).

    Nicely done — you should be proud of yourself!

    • Thank you for the compliment. The one thing I have learned so far about reviewing a product is there is nothing as important as being able to put your hands on it and try it out. There is a lot you can learn about a product by watching a video, reading literature, etc., but that only goes so far.

      My biggest initial concern was over the accuracy of the readings and, at least for me, I found that to be a non-issue.

      Thank you for stopping by and saying hello.

    • I had a “light” stroke but my family might beg to differ. It was more traumatic on them then me as they watched in horror.

      It took about 2 months for me to recover physically and about 6 months for me to regain all of my mental capacities back. Again, my family might argue with me on that claim. The biggest mental obstacle was in my ability to concentrate for more than 30 minutes at a time. I am a civil engineer and I have to be able to fully engage mentally for hours on end, not just 15 minutes.

      I can remember having to get up and walk around after 15 minutes because I just couldn’t focus. That was difficult to deal with, especially when I had projects that were due.

  2. Hey Rick,
    Great write up and analysis of the Omron 7 and the Omron 10. This is great research and knowledge sharing for folks interested in blood pressure monitors at a reasonable price for in home.
    About 6 years ago I quit smoking and bought a blood pressure monitor I could use at home to see if my blood pressure went down as the weeks went by after quitting smoking. No shocker, they did. The one I got was a standard cuff one but it did self-inflate so that was helpful.
    Personally I like the smaller Omron that goes on your wrist. I think as electronics get smaller and continue to get less expensive people will want the less intrusive models.
    Great write up!
    Mat A.

    • Congratulations on kicking smoking. I don’t have anything against smokers but I constantly hear how smoking and drinking can affect your health. It’s interesting to hear how you did monitor you blood pressure as you stopped smoking and it actually went down. That’s great to know that the advice we are given really does work.

      Thank you for sharing this with me.

  3. I have to remind myself that my Dad is 67. Even though I am 21, I am still amazed by his age despite the fact he does quite a lot. I worry about his health, so the Omron 10 series looks like a good option for him. The screen is large, so he will have no trouble reading it. Now I just need him to improve his diet.

    I do have a question though. What is the life span of the Omron 10 series monitor? I want to get him something that will last a long time. I look forward to hearing your answer.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    • Thank you for the question Alex. I don’t have the official answer but from what I can tell, you may have to replace the cuff every year or two but the monitor itself should last for at least 5 years.

      Knowing your blood pressure is critical but the harder part is improving the diet. I wish him the best.

      Let me just add one last thing. My dad told be not more than two weeks ago that he and my mom finally started making real dietary changes when they had no choice but to make the changes.

  4. Hi, I think I choose the Omron 10 because of the better reading possibility. I’m often on a boat lately and would like to take the monitor with me, what would you recommend me to do in situations when the gear could get a little wet?

    • Hi Stefan. There are a tremendous amount of waterproof bags and gear available on A quick search there revealed many great waterproof options for boating and anyone near water.

      I hope you like the Omron 10 as much as I have. I really didn’t imagine that it would be as nice as it is and then I was really surprised when my chiropractor was using the exact same model and then my doctor recommended it to me a few days later. I laughed when the doctor told me the Omron was the best in his opinion. He said he normally wouldn’t recommend a specific brand but once I told him I had been researching them a lot, he decided to share his opinion with me.

      • Hi Rick, Thank’s for the tip with the bags. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this.

        I too think you picked a wonderful product here. I looked at it on Amazon and it is totally convincing. It has a great rating and a lot of good reviews.
        There are some reviews though saying it is inaccurate, how comes that?

        #2 in Health & Household > Medical Supplies & Equipment > Health Monitors > Blood Pressure Monitors

        • Hi Stefan. This looks like a great waterproof dry bag and has a lot of great reviews everywhere I look. I am actually not seeing any comments yet about them being inaccurate. Do you mind sending my URL where you found these “inaccurate” review comments?

          My family and I don’t spend a lot of time on the water but we do go on some multi-day backpacking trips that include river crossings and rainy days sometimes, so keeping all of our gear and clothing dry is priority. It only took one trip getting soaked due to no backpack rain covers, no waterproof boots and no rain pants and jackets before we knew that we would never purposely get soaked again.

          Our backpacking trips have been much more enjoyable since then with the right gear, including water proof bags.


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