How to Create a Website for Free on WordPress

YOU had the same question as I did. How to create a website for free? Here is how you do working on a laptop

This is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme. This is great training, exceptional tools, combined with hard work. This can happen for you but you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work with me.

Are you tired of punching the clock each day and being yelled at for coming to work 3 minutes late? Are you tired of the rush hour traffic and not having any freedom or flexibility in your life?

You need to find what I have found and start building you online business today for FREE.

CLICK Here and Let Me Show You How ==> Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is Where You CAN Build Your Website for FREE!

We are all tired of these three things:

  • Get Rich Quick Schemes
  • Scams
  • Lack of Tools to Build Your Online Business

I thought Wealthy Affiliate was a SCAM and a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme when my son first told me about it, so like you would, I decided to check it out so I could protect my son from this newest craze that was going to rob him of the little money he had saved.

Within the first day I knew I had made a mistake and Wealthy Affiliate was (and is) the REAL DEAL.

I created my first website within the first 3 days and was setting it up for the search engines within the first 4 days. By the end of the 7th day I was writing quality content to help myself build freedom and flexibility into my future.The number 30

You Can Start the Same Way I Did and Get Started within the NEXT 30 Seconds!

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Fill Out Your Details to Create a Free Starter Account

Step 3: YOU ARE IN!

That’s all there is to it. I would follow up with the next 3 steps.

  1. Fill out the questions so that the community can get to know you better. You will get a lot more engagement if you take time to say a little about yourself.
  2. Make sure to add a picture of yourself. This is another way for the community to feel more comfortable when they message you.
  3. CLICK the “Get Started Here” tab at the top left corner of the screen. This is absolutely the best way to understand what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. This will also Jump Start your training. I did this just a little over 3 months ago and I am still neck deep in my online education.

You will get full access to the first training course, one week of unlimited access to all the Wealthy Affiliate members, two websites, support, tools, and free hosting.

Here Are Some of the Powerful Things You Will Accomplish In Your First FREE Wealthy Affiliate Course

  • Learn to Get Immersed into the Incredible Wealthy Affiliate CommunityHiker on a mountain
  • Create a List of Financial and Non-Financial Goals and Start Working Towards Them
  • Choose the Niche for Your Business
  • Learn How to Optimize Your Website Using WordPress
  • How to Create Qualtiy Content that Gets Ranked
  • Quickly and Easy Creation of Low Competition Keywords
  • Discover the Process of Earning Revenue Online
  • Gain Instant Access to Over 590,000 Niches
  • Build Your Very Own Niche Website
  • Make Your Site Search Engine Friendly
  • Understand the Keyword Research Process

Join Wealthy Affiliate Now for FREE!

You will KNOW within the first week if this is right for you, and YOU WON’T have SPENT any MONEY.

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P.S. Again, Wealthy Affiliate is Completely FREE to join and build your first website. There will be no pressure for you to sign up for anything else.

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or you can send me an Email. I will respond to you immediately.


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    • Thank you. It’s something I am working hard on and adding new pages and reviews all the time. The next thing I have already started focusing on is remote satellite systems. This is going to take much more effort to write about.


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